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X2GO server - the epitome of digital centralization as a solution

In times of pandemics such as 2020, terminal servers from the beginning of the computer age are the solution for maintaining the economy. Employees can not only do their daily work in the office from home or from their vacation spot, but as an entrepreneur you save considerable investments expensive client systems at every workstation.



An X2GO terminal server offers notable advantages.

  • The cost savings that can be achieved with a terminal server are an important factor here. Because the centering of work and software on one server means that, on the one hand, fewer licenses are required for applications and, on the other hand, the maintenance focus is explicitly on one device: the server.

  • In addition, using a terminal server also reduces costs in terms of client devices.

  • Since all processes take place on a central server, the workload for clients is extremely low.

  • Accordingly, you don't need a powerful computer here and you can equip your own company with significantly cheaper thin clients, which in turn also save a lot of electricity.

  • X2GO only uses SSH and file sharing is also included.

  • Laptops, tablets and thin clients are sufficient to be able to work with the software at the company workstation worldwide.

What is an X2GO Terminal Server?

Setting up and using a terminal server within a corporate network is the epitome of centering digital data processing. He is responsible for ensuring that all processes and programs take place centrally on one device. But how does it actually work?

When a terminal server is integrated into an internal network, a defined number of clients have access to it. If a program is now called up and executed by a computer, this only takes place on the terminal server and no longer on the computer itself. The end devices can be different: computers, notebooks, tablets or even smartphones.

Desktop virtualization with a terminal server

The programs that run on the terminal server only need to be installed once there. The execution, however, can take place as often and at the same time as desired. In addition to central access to programs, users only save their files on the terminal server and no longer locally on their own device.

Only the keyboard and mouse inputs are transferred to the terminal server. Everything else, even the individual desktop, is represented on the server as virtualization.
X2GO is a free terminal server solution. Users who have logged on to an X2GO server with the client can run programs on the server. The client, which runs on the user's device, only takes on the display. The X2GO server, which in this case acts as an application server, can provide all possible services and applications that can be installed on the respective platform. As long as the server has enough reserves, it is easy to add new clients.

Two-factor authentication (2FA)

Since X2GO uses the SSH protocol and therefore SSH has to be open to the Internet if no Virtual Private Network (VPN) is in use, there are many options for integrating two-factor authentication. Two-factor authentication (2FA), often also referred to as two-factor authentication, describes the identification of a user by means of the combination of two different and, in particular, independent components (factors).

IT service and IT consulting

The digitization of business life, essential production processes and private life is in full swing. At the same time, threats from server failures, viruses and cybercrime are increasing. The whole thing is reinforced by neglecting IT security both in the private sphere and in the business world. Protective mechanisms that are really necessary are usually only considered when the damage has already occurred and the restoration of the IT infrastructure has caused enormous costs.
Linux offers you a secure basis in your IT infrastructure right from the start. On the one hand, because it has always been conceived as an operating system geared towards network operation. On the other hand, because the free availability of the source code makes the possibility of defective or misused functions almost impossible. In addition, “Open Source” has always meant permanent improvement by innovative specialists from all over the world. In the meantime, more and more users trust Linux, which among other things provides the kernel for the numerous Android installations, including companies and institutions such as Siemens, BMW, Lufthansa, Deutsche Post AG, Greenpeace and state institutions including the Federal Commissioner for Data Protection.
You are a company, a medium-sized company, a craft company, a sole trader with the appropriate IT infrastructure and you want to fully satisfy your customers with your products. Or you are a private individual with corresponding support requests. Your IT infrastructure should work reliably around the clock. As an expert in this field, IT-LINUXMAKER can protect your information effectively and quickly. With the services of IT-LINUXMAKER you secure your competitive advantage through the stability of your IT infrastructure and your data.

The support contracts from IT-LINUXMAKER are the ideal plus for your IT or development department. IT-LINUXMAKER supports you in all situations related to Linux with administration, monitoring, configuration, troubleshooting and script programming. Where your IT infrastructure is located, how large it is or how many users work in it does not matter for IT-LINUXMAKER.

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Checklists - safe digital work

Since the beginning of the corona pandemic, many companies have also been organizing their work via home office regulations. The tips from IT-LINUXMAKER in a practical checklist format show what needs to be considered.

You can find all checklists for safe digital work here:

Secure passwords with the password card

Generate secure passwords of any length with the passwort card. You can check it out here.



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