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Andreas Günther ...

... is the head and the owner of IT-LINUXMAKER. Two decades of professional experience as a cybersecurity expert, Linux expert, network administrator, system administrator and IT consultant in various industries have left their mark.

The challenges in IT are the right opponent of his persistence, with which he can structure and analytically develop and offer IT solutions. At the same time, he is always open to the implications that come to him from his environment and has a feeling for integrating them into the solutions.

Fascinated by the idea and the idea of open source software, he daily practices the implementation of open source with his customers.
Particularly important to him is the openness of every kind.

"I believe that the disclosure and spreading of the program codes for everyone is driving the IT landscape more and more sustainably than all the proprietary developments together, because good ideas belong to the people, to release synergy effects and not to be locked in safes ,
Above all, I support the openness of open source software, because it will be transparent to everyone without damage and will always remain transparent. "