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DNS name server + name resolution with BIND9

As soon as you as an entrepreneur, freelancer have two servers in your company and operate more than five workstations, network printers, you will benefit from the name resolution of your own DNS name server. As a school or training institution in particular, you participate with a growing number of digital courses from a name server.

  • You can easily add new computers to the existing domain structure.
  • Your computers, printers, servers are easily recognizable by their names.
  • You benefit from our experience at BIND9 and are guided through the process.

There are computers behind every IP address on the Internet and in corporate networks that are to be addressed. In any case, this is possible with the IP addresses, but does not correspond to the general procedure of contacting the hosts with speaking addresses. IP addresses are far too unwieldy and difficult to remember, because you have a structured number memory. This is remedied by the Domain Name Service (DNS), with which the hosts, especially hierarchically, can be assigned to entire domain groupings.
Web hosts and domain registrars already offer their name servers and corresponding web portals so that you can assign the appropriate domain and host name to the IP address of your website or server.
This is practical if you have a manageable number of computers or websites and you don't have high demands on the DNS offered. As soon as you either want to use special configurations in DNS such as DNSSEC or there are several computers or servers in your network that should not be visible from the Internet, you cannot avoid a name resolution. As four decades ago, you could still manage the latter, also by adapting the /etc/hosts locally on each computer. But even with 5 computers or more, this becomes so confusing that a separate name server is always worthwhile, even in small company networks.
If you would also like to equip the internal computers in your network with your domain plus host name via the DNS server of your provider, your internal computers would be accessible worldwide and your firewall would no longer make sense. However, given the scarcity of IPv4 addresses, this scenario would be unrealistic. Which justifies the need for your own internal name server.

IT-LINUXMAKER relies on BIND9 and installs your own DNS resolver, caching name server or hidden name server. To ensure that your DNS data are neither manipulated nor come from another source, we recommend using Domain Name System Security Extensions (DNSSEC).

IT service and IT consulting

The digitization of business life, essential production processes and private life is in full swing. At the same time, threats from server failures, viruses and cybercrime are increasing. The whole thing is reinforced by neglecting IT security both in the private sphere and in the business world. Protective mechanisms that are really necessary are usually only considered when the damage has already occurred and the restoration of the IT infrastructure has caused enormous costs.
Linux offers you a secure basis in your IT infrastructure right from the start. On the one hand, because it has always been conceived as an operating system geared towards network operation. On the other hand, because the free availability of the source code makes the possibility of defective or misused functions almost impossible. In addition, “Open Source” has always meant permanent improvement by innovative specialists from all over the world. In the meantime, more and more users trust Linux, which among other things provides the kernel for the numerous Android installations, including companies and institutions such as Siemens, BMW, Lufthansa, Deutsche Post AG, Greenpeace and state institutions including the Federal Commissioner for Data Protection.
You are a company, a medium-sized company, a craft company, a sole trader with the appropriate IT infrastructure and you want to fully satisfy your customers with your products. Or you are a private individual with corresponding support requests. Your IT infrastructure should work reliably around the clock. As an expert in this field, IT-LINUXMAKER can protect your information effectively and quickly. With the services of IT-LINUXMAKER you secure your competitive advantage through the stability of your IT infrastructure and your data.

The support contracts from IT-LINUXMAKER are the ideal plus for your IT or development department. IT-LINUXMAKER supports you in all situations related to Linux with administration, monitoring, configuration, troubleshooting and script programming. Where your IT infrastructure is located, how large it is or how many users work in it does not matter for IT-LINUXMAKER.

Checklists - safe digital work

Since the beginning of the corona pandemic, many companies have also been organizing their work via home office regulations. The tips from IT-LINUXMAKER in a practical checklist format show what needs to be considered.

You can find all checklists for safe digital work here:

Secure passwords with the password card

Generate secure passwords of any length with the passwort card. You can check it out here.



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