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System monitoring with Icinga 2

IT-LINUXMAKER monitors the performance, capacities and security status of systems, networks, services, applications and data for you. We react proactively to any abnormalities or errors. Depending on the agreed scope, we either alert your responsible employees or begin to rectify the error ourselves.

  • Increase IT availability and IT stability
  • Proactive 24x7 monitoring of IT systems
  • Timely detection of system-critical operating states
  • Automatic notification of faults
  • Regular evaluations and reports on the IT systems
  • Monitoring for network, operating system, database, security, email, infrastructure, etc.
  • Fast reaction time
  • Cloud-based solution with server location in Germany

A functioning system is the basis of every company in which IT-controlled processes run. In the event of a malfunction, numerous jobs and processes can be affected. It does not matter whether 2 or 1000 servers are used. Then you need to act quickly to keep downtime to a minimum - after all, time is money. Doesn't it make more sense to prevent permanent monitoring and performance monitoring?
It is much more efficient and targeted if the failure does not occur, but is announced in good time. For example, a hard drive that is already 95% full and about which you have been automatically informed can be expanded or replaced in good time by a larger hard drive. This is one of the many possible worst case scenarios.

Technical details

IT-LINUXMAKER uses Icinga 2, which is a direct fork to the top dog Nagios, so data that was originally generated for Nagios can also be interpreted. If companies use plug-ins for Nagios, for example, the data generated here can also be integrated in Icinga 2. Icinga 2 supports the Nagios Remote Plug-in Executor (NRPE).

The actual monitoring actions are carried out by the agents on the servers. The Icinga server is responsible for evaluating the agent's data stream and preparing it for monitoring.
The monitored devices represent host objects with a stored IP address in the Icinga system. The monitored services are assigned to the individual host objects. Various status options are available. A host can have the states Up, Down or Unreachable. The monitored services are given the status OK, Warning, Critical or Unknown.
Servers with an installed operating system are ideally monitored with the Icinga 2 agent. Here you can also work with NSCLient ++ for monitoring. The client is often used in Nagios systems. This client is also available for Windows and Linux.

IT service and IT consulting

The digitization of business life, essential production processes and private life is in full swing. At the same time, threats from server failures, viruses and cybercrime are increasing. The whole thing is reinforced by neglecting IT security both in the private sphere and in the business world. Protective mechanisms that are really necessary are usually only considered when the damage has already occurred and the restoration of the IT infrastructure has caused enormous costs.
Linux offers you a secure basis in your IT infrastructure right from the start. On the one hand, because it has always been conceived as an operating system geared towards network operation. On the other hand, because the free availability of the source code makes the possibility of defective or misused functions almost impossible. In addition, “Open Source” has always meant permanent improvement by innovative specialists from all over the world. In the meantime, more and more users trust Linux, which among other things provides the kernel for the numerous Android installations, including companies and institutions such as Siemens, BMW, Lufthansa, Deutsche Post AG, Greenpeace and state institutions including the Federal Commissioner for Data Protection.
You are a company, a medium-sized company, a craft company, a sole trader with the appropriate IT infrastructure and you want to fully satisfy your customers with your products. Or you are a private individual with corresponding support requests. Your IT infrastructure should work reliably around the clock. As an expert in this field, IT-LINUXMAKER can protect your information effectively and quickly. With the services of IT-LINUXMAKER you secure your competitive advantage through the stability of your IT infrastructure and your data.

The support contracts from IT-LINUXMAKER are the ideal plus for your IT or development department. IT-LINUXMAKER supports you in all situations related to Linux with administration, monitoring, configuration, troubleshooting and script programming. Where your IT infrastructure is located, how large it is or how many users work in it does not matter for IT-LINUXMAKER.

Checklists - safe digital work

Since the beginning of the corona pandemic, many companies have also been organizing their work via home office regulations. The tips from IT-LINUXMAKER in a practical checklist format show what needs to be considered.

You can find all checklists for safe digital work here:

Secure passwords with the password card

Generate secure passwords of any length with the passwort card. You can check it out here.



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