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Web design and web development

As a company, having your own website is essential for you. Depending on the industry and scope, a homepage can simply present itself as a business card or be complex with content and powerful features.

IT-LINUXMAKER offers you the professional web design for your successful internet appearance.

IT-LINUXMAKER supports you with professional and well thought-out website solutions. Sound advice, planning and programming is a prerequisite for the implementation of your innovative websites.

Our webdesigns are successfully in use by many of our customers - modern in design, effective, target group specific and search engine optimized.


Website programming - Professional web design by the IT expert

  • Programming a website based on external/delivered/existing designs
  • Professional web design and implementation
  • Conversion of a static website into a dynamic version with or without Content Management System(CMS)
  • Implementation of a mobile version of an existing website (Responsive Design)
  • Search engine optimization of your website

Web design for mobile devices like desktops alike

The access of websites via mobile devices such as smartphones or tablets is continuously increasing. In many cases it is therefore necessary for companies to offer a mobile version of the existing website. At Responsive Design, IT-LINUXMAKER is your IT expert for the programming of your mobile homepage.

Maintenance, care and development of your website

Do you have an old source code that needs to be maintained and possibly adjusted or corrected? You want to implement new features on your website? Then IT-LINUXMAKER is your reliable, innovative partner for the care and design of your websites.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

A website without visitors hardly makes sense. Search engine optimization (SEO) is therefore an important topic and should already be considered in the development and programming of the new homepage. Benefit from the SEO experience at IT-LINUXMAKER and look forward to many new customers on your website.