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Support and consulating for server systems

As a representative of a company, a medium-sized company, as a sole proprietor and a craft business you need today the functions and services of different servers. Be it to receive and send emails to your customers, be it the company presentation on a web server or your company data in different databases on differently structured database servers.

To maintain and ensure the efficiency and competitiveness of your products and services to your customers at all times, you need IT professionals who will keep your servers up-to-date with the latest technology and ensure that your business data is always up-to-date for you Business in the right format can be made available.

IT-LINUXMAKER is a data center experienced and supports you on the following server systems.

Web server and Application server

  • Apache - the world's most widely used web server of the Apache Software Foundation
  • Nginx - a powerful alternative to the popular Apache web server
  • Tomcat - a web container that implements the specification for Java Servlets and Java Server Pages (JSP).
  • JBoss WildFly - an application server that complies with the Java EE standard.
  • WebSphere - an application server from IBM as a runtime environment for Java EE applications.
  • LAMP - an Apache web server with PHP and MySQL support on the Linux operating system.
  • Squid - a free proxy server and web cache under the GNU General Public License.
  • HAProxy - an open-source server that provides a high-availability load balancer and proxy server for TCP and HTTP-based applications that distribute requests across multiple servers.

Database Server

  • MySQL - is one of the world's most popular relational database management systems.
  • MariaDB is a free, relational open source database management system created by a fork from MySQL.
  • PostgreSQL - is a free, object-relational database management system (ORDBMS).
  • Oracle SQL - is Oracle's database management system software.

Mail Server systems

  • Postfix - Postfix is ​​a mail transfer agent for Unix and Unix derivatives.
  • Exim - Exim is a mail transfer agent and mail server and preinstalled by Debian by default.
  • AmaVis-New / SpamAssassin - a virus and SPAM defense daemon as an add-on to Postfix.
  • RSpamd - a SPAM filter system.
  • Dovecot - a mail server software suite designed as a Mail Delivery Agent (MDA) for the POP3 and IMAP network protocols.
  • Courier IMAP - a Mail Delivery Agent (MDA) of the Courier Mail Server.

Network Server

  • BIND9 - a free DNS server from Berkley University (USA)
  • DHCP - a server that provides Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP).

File and Print Server

  • FTP - Server zum Transfer von Dateien im Netzwerk mittels dem FTP-Protokoll.
  • Samba -Ein SMB-Server, der Windows Datei- und Druckdienste auf Linux anbietet.
  • NFS - Server, der den Zugriff auf Dateien im Netzwerk ermöglicht, ähnlich wie Samba.
  • CUPS - Server, der unter Linux/Unix das Drucken über das Netzwerk ermöglicht.

Voice over IP and fax Server

  • Asterisk -a free Voice over IP server, which offers the functionality of a telephone system.
  • HylaFax - a professional system for sending and receiving faxes and can be integrated in Asterisk.

Directory service, authentication Server

  • NIS - directory service server for distributing configuration data such as user names or machine names in a network.
  • OpenLDAP is a free implementation of the directory service LDAP.
  • OpenRADIUS - central, free authentication server for dial-in users.

Content Management Systems

  • TYPO3-CMS - a free website content management framework that requires LAMP.
  • WordPress - a free web application for managing the content of a website that requires LAMP.

Office suite, ticket and CRM systems

  • eGroupware - a multi-user groupware, also known as collaboration software
  • LX-Office - a business-oriented open-source software for the areas of inventory management, financial accounting and customer relationship management (CRM)
  • OX App Suite - is a collaboration software with built-in apps for email, contacts, and events.
  • vTigerCRM - is a free open source software for Customer Relationship Management (CRM).
  • OTRS - is a ticket system or communication management system used as a help desk system and issue tracking system.

For administration and automation, IT-LINUXMAKER uses script languages such as

bash, csh, ks, sh, Perl, Phyton und PHP

their use by default.

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