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IT-SECURITY with all its facets

Our computer systems, networks, desktop computers, laptops and smartphones are, as soon as they are in contact with the Internet, and they are inevitably exposed to the threats and attacks from the Internet - cyberattacks. Because no one today wants to use a computer without Internet connection, smartphones are designed for Internet use.

As an IT security expert, we offer you professional advice and IT security support in the field of security

  • The detection of wireless attacks.
  • Man in the middle attacks.
  • The discovery of SQL injections.
  • Performing stress tests and penetration tests.
  • The detection of cross-site scripting.
  • The detection of open ports.

To do this, we use Vulnerability Analysis and various tools to tap the weaknesses in your IT infrastructure. After successful scans, we offer you as an IT security expert effective countermeasures for the removal of the weak points.