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Privacy, cryptography

Data protection is also a term with great bandwidth. Data protection not only affects personal data but also protects your company data and production data in a variety of ways.

Data Backups

Even in the age of cheap storage media, the need for smartly designed backup systems has not disappeared. On the contrary, the sooner the data is available again, the more necessary is the right backup strategy.
We advise you on which backup concept is efficient for you and your company. You receive both the implementation of the backup system and the IT support for your backup system.

Data Security in Clouds

Today, data storage in clouds on the Internet or in company-internal computer networks are vogue. With the growth of such clouds, there is also the risk that your production data, which should be accessible to your employees from everywhere, can fall into everyone's hands.
Our IT security experts advise and support you in the realization of suitable solutions to protect your company data against misuse and at the same time to ensure availability.

Data encryption of e-mails and documents

Nowadays, the communication by e-mail and the exchange of documents by e-mail or messenger has reached exponentially against the conventional letter and parcel mail. While the letter mail is relatively secured by the use of sealed envelopes, the contents of e-mails and electronic documents are now extremely easy to read.
We as cryptography experts advise you on solutions to communicate your e-mails and electronic documents encrypted. They provide you with the support and implementation of software solutions, which you can use for data encryption and electronic signature in everyday life.

E-mail archiving

Today, in the age of electronic communication of data and documents, our lawmaker expects that the documents and the e-mailing can be made available again and again in years.
As IT experts, we have the individual solution for e-mail archiving for you and your company. We provide support for the implementation and use of e-mail archiving systems.

Document archiving

Where in the past we used to have entire shelves full of guides with corporate documents in archives and were able to retrieve the individual documents according to a system, today this takes over professional document management systems (DMS).

  • Quick retrieval when searching for keywords.
  • Assign to multiple document operations for an operation.
  • Secure archiving so that the documents can be read unchanged even after 10 years.
  • Integrate in business processes for guided and documented complaints processing.
  • Summarizing documents and other information about files to find everything that belongs to a customer.
  • Version and document history to document the changes and the responsible persons.
  • Administration of further information such as mails including attachments.

Let our Linux experts advise you. We provide support for the implementation and use of document management systems (DMS).