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LINUX basics of administration

Linux is quickly installed on the server, but routinely administering Linux requires a basic understanding of the operating system, the tools and the underlying logic. This training course offers the ideal introduction for prospective administrators who have already gained initial experience and now want to learn the experience of Linux administration together with experts.

Goal setting

After this seminar you will be familiar with the operating system, understand the background of the directory structure and be able to make your Linux computer safe and stable for everyday use. The seminar teaches you the basic principle of a Linux system:
Process management, package/software management, rights and user management.
At the end you will have mastered the most important programs and commands and you will be able to make your work easier with shell scripts. So you can face a solid administration of Linux.


Target group addressed

System administrators with a focus on the LINUX operating system


You should already have basic knowledge of a LINUX or UNIX system or have very good knowledge of another system.

Seminar contents


  • Systemstart (Bios, Bootloader, Init, Dienste)
  • Konsolen (Text und X)
  • Dateisysteme und FHS
  • Init- und Loginprozess
  • Displaymanager und Konsole

Software installation and package management

  • Installation of packages (RPM, DPKG and sources)

  • Installation from source code

Bash shell with its mechanisms

  • What shell mechanisms are there?
  • Configuration of the bash shell
  • Wildcards, quoting, output redirection, pipes, variables, command substitution
  • Environment variables

User administration on the local system

  • Rights system
  • User concept
  • Management commands and tools
  • PAM


  • Installation of your own kernel
  • Create a boot image
  • Configuration of the bootloader

Linux Installation

  • Preparations
  • Partitions and file systems
  • Bootloader

Additional topics

  • SSH in detail (SSH keys, SSH agent, SSH tunnel)
  • System protection
  • Data backup

Price information

Seminar duration: 3 days

1.570,00 € per participant
1.821,20 € including 16% VAT
Seminar room in Stuttgart
For in-house seminars, please obtain an offer.

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