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FeeCalculator - The fee calculator

The FeeCalculator is a costing tool for determining an all-in fee / hour rate. Ideal for freelancers who want to quickly determine their daily or hourly rates for different locations. The program does not replace the actual calculation of the fee, but makes it easier to calculate travel expenses. Thus, distances can make daily commuting as possible as staying overnight in hotels. In the same way, a costing of the travel expenses and thus of the total tariff is different if a project takes twenty days instead of two days. All this takes the program into consideration.

As a result, the total tariff for the selected target, including the consideration of possible corporate loans, is obtained. Alternatively, it is also possible to determine for a given tariff cap what the net hairpin will be after deduction of the travel expenses in order to be able to assess the financial benefit more easily.


The program is licensed under the GNU General Public License, version 3. You will find the corresponding license on GNU General Public License.

System Requirements

You need at least the Java version 1.8. On the Java home page you can check, if you already have Java installed. If you have not already installed Java or in an older version, you can download the latest version free of charge on the Java homepage.

For Apple operating systems Java is provided by Apple and can be installed via the software update.

Linux users can usually install Java through the repositories of their respective Linux distribution, but here, too, they can be downloaded from the Java Web sites.

The program starts on every operating system with the current Java Run Engine by double-clicking the jar file.


FeeCalculator 1.00.14

ChangeLog 1.00.14

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