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Cloud Services

Due to the increasing mobility (laptop, tablet, smartphone) and the flexible workstations, the demand is growing rapidly, to have their data available at any time, anywhere without having to transfer the data separately to the individual devices.

Cloud providers such as DropBox, Drive, GMX, WEB.DE, Rapidshare are popular, to name but a few. Some of them offer their services free of charge and mostly with the appropriate app for the smartphone. The main drawback of all these providers is that you transfer your data to third-party server systems and put them in third-party hands. And you can even do this without encryption! In other words, every authorized person, who is already the system administrator, can do what he wants with your data. How do you want to prevent this? Privacy is different from reality.

IT-LINUXMAKER provides you with cloud concepts and the appropriate server and client software, with which you keep the upper hand over your data. On request, the data is encrypted into the cloud. The data can be synchronized to the various devices, such as servers, desktop computers, tablets, laptops and smartphones. We offer the right concept depending on the size of the company, so there are also concepts for small businesses that are particularly cost-effective. We accompany you from consulting, through installation and configuration to maintenance.

For the following Software as Services (SaaS) concepts, IT-LINUXMAKER advises and supports you.


OwnCloud-Server, OwnCloud-Client

With OwnCloud there is a free software solution for saving files (filehosting) and for sharing these files. Especially for small businesses OwnCloud offers an efficient and creative solution to always have the same access to all files in different places and on each device.

Currently, the following features are supported by OwnCloud.

  • File storage in conventional directory structures (also via WebDAV)
  • Integration of external storage, for example FTP, Dropbox, Amazon S3, WebDAV
  • Encryption of data on the server as well as encrypted transmission via SSL/TLS
  • Synchronization by desktop clients
  • Share files and folders with other users, groups, or public URLs
  • Calendar (also as CalDAV)
  • Task Scheduler (To-Do Lists)
  • Address book (also as CardDAV)
  • Music playback
  • Photo Gallery
  • Viewer for PDF and Microsoft Office files, editor for OpenDocument documents
  • Bookmark management
  • User, group and rights management (extensible, for example for authentication with LDAP)

Amazon Web Services (AWS)

AWS is a cloud computing company owned by Amazon. Here you can install virtual servers EC2 (Elastic Compute Cloud) with Linux distributions or Microsoft Windows Server. For this purpose, there are suitable stores such as S3 (Simple Storage Service), virtual databases and directory services.

Providing partial free distribution, this cloud service is ideal for developers who want to quickly initialize a  Continuous Delivery Pipelinefor testing their software projects.

IT-LINUXMAKER offers you advice and know-how for implementation.

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